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The Best Eton Satellit 750 FM Stereo/LW/MW/SW/Airband

Review and Buying Guide of The Best  Eton Satellit 750 FM Stereo/LW/MW/SW/Airband

I wouldnt acquire significantly discover on the higher than responses. . For starters i purchased 1 of these table top rated radios two yrs ago. And with out any doubt they are an superb receiver for the price. And to be sincere.You would want to be a idiot to pay any extra for s.

Receiver. This is as very good as it gets. If you do make a decision to invest more on a single. You not going to obtain anything at all extra inside broadcasts.


He stated it was really very good worth. . My husband enjoys it & spends most of his time on it. He claimed it was really good price.


  • I wouldnt take much notice on the above comments.
  • strange/rather complicated memory storage facility but quite good for the price
  • He said it was very good value.

Features of Eton Satellit 750 FM Stereo/LW/MW/SW/Airband + SSB (Single Side Band) PLL Synthesized Desktop Receiver

  • Shortwave (1711-30,000 KHz) VHF Air band (118 – 137 MHz)
  • LW (100-519 KHz) MW (520-1710 KHz) FM Stereo (88-108 MHz)
  • Single Side Band (SSB) mode
  • Mains/battery powered
  • 1000 memory channels

At past, a good quality receiver with all the features you will need, together with entire HF coverage and civil VHF airband. Within minutes of powering on, you’ll be operating the Sat 750 with relieve. The Lcd exhibit panel is distinct and straightforward on the eye, and has a switchable backlight also. It has a good sound also, with unbiased bass and treble controls, and a very good top quality entrance-experiencing loudspeaker. The receiver has full coverage of HF from – 30 MHz in AM/LSB/USB, Extensive wave band from 100 – 519 KHz, Medium wave band from 520 – 1710 KHz, FM band 88 – 108 MHz (stereo with headphones), and of program the VHF Civil Airband from 118 – 137 MHz in AM. A host of other consumer pleasant controls consist of a useful signal attenuator, squelch, RF Attain, massive VFO tuning knob, an S-Meter, and other wonderful touches like 2x BNC outputs for use with exterior antennas, a stereo line output, and huge & narrow filters equipped. Operate the Sat 750 indoors from the equipped mains adaptor, or take to the hills and run it from battery power – just 4x D dimensions batteries will give several hours of joyful listening out in the refreshing air! It can be also equipped with a useful twin alarm clock perform, and a significant tailor made 1,000 memory channels for storing all of your favorite stations… you can find only a person point missing from the Satellit 750…………..a massive value tag! Our Uk Edition is equipped with a 3 pin plug adaptor on the mains electricity supply.

He Mentioned It Was Very Superior Benefit.. My spouse loves it & spends most of his time on it. He reported it was extremely great price. .

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Product Info

  • Product Dimensions: 14.6 x 37.2 x 18.4 cm ; 2.4 Kg
  • Boxed-product Weight: 2.4 Kg
  • Item model number: Satellit 750
  • ASIN: B00425ZWDE

Conclusion of Eton Satellit 750 FM Stereo/LW/MW/SW/Airband

First of all i purchased a single of these table best radios two a long time in the past. And with out any doubt they are an fantastic receiver for the selling price. You will obtain hams on ssb, h. Also quite a few domestic radio stations from all over the world. This is a superior radio.

It has a fantastic wide variety of bands that you wont get on lots of quick wave radios in these days industry. Make sure you observe, as with all small wave /desk tops receivers you will want an outside antenna, just one for vhf air and a different extended wire ssb h. Fascinating multiband radio, peculiar/instead intricate memory storage facility but very very good for the price.